The Fly Quiet Committee met on August 27, 2019. 

Interim Fly Quiet Update 
The Interim Fly Quiet Runway Rotation Plan has been approved by the FAA and is scheduled to begin November 3, 2019. CDA will present outreach and tracking materials at Sept. 6 ONCC General Meeting. CDA will provide weekly progress reports on the IFQ.

 North Airfield SMS status
FAA requested additional information from CDA regarding movements on the north airfield. CDA submitted this information and the FAA will be conducting a safety management review. The Committee will formally request a timeline and/or regular updates from the FAA.

FQ21 Process Review
The committee remains in the Develop and Approve Alternatives stage, where they are developing options for deliberation and consensus. The committee is reviewing several pieces, like choosing a menu, choosing the most appealing. Examining what to try, and what the implications may be. The existing Fly Quiet program is a hybrid, it has undergone so many changes over the years. While the north airfield status is under review by the FAA, the committee will start to look at departure concepts and how they can be incorporated into the FQ21 plan.

Departure Concepts 

CDA Consultants presented departure concepts. 

• Vector headings - Evenly spaced
• Vector headings - Least populated
• RNAV departure - Least populated

If there were 3 headings in rotation you would only use 1 per week. For example a six week rotation with multiple headings it would increase the available configurations. The Committee reviewed the departure concepts for various runways. There are several unknowns, including which arrival runways will be available for use.

The next Fly Quiet Committee meeting will be held October 1, 2019 at Bensenville Village Hall.