The ONCC Technical Committee met on August 20, 2019 at the Mount Prospect Village Hall. 

Noise Monitors
CDA provided a noise monitor update. All 8 portable noise monitors are available. Members can reach out to ONCC or complete web site application to request a monitor.

 The Committee received a report on CDA’s Noise Monitor Replacement Plan. CDA is upgrading all existing sites that have old equipment with new noise monitors. 17 of 36 sites have been upgraded; 5 are planned for 2019. Additionally, they are removing sites that are currently on utility poles and replacing them with a mast. 1 site is planned in 2019. Finally, they are also updating the communications equipment with new wireless modems. They plan to do 13 sites in 2019. It was noted that O’Hare has largest noise monitor network in country, with vastly more monitors than any airport in the country.

311 System Update

Tasks Completed

  • Added a full list of Chicago airports and heliports for more precise data analysis –(April 8, 2019)
  • Reworked flex question #6 (address other than home address) to make it optional and conditional –(April 8, 2019)
  • Created a new ANMS Noise Complaint Report–(May 3, 2019)
  • Added a service request automatic e-mail response message –(May 15, 2019)

Pending requests

  • Separating address fields for easier and more accurate reporting
  • Adding a disclaimer about reporting verifiable addresses only
  • For consideration
  • Create a new service request for portable noise monitors
  • Respond to inquiries/complaints
  • Outreach to residents on topics like nighttime construction impacts, meetings, and special topics
  • Added a service request automatic e-mail response message

American Airlines - MD80 vs Boeing 737-800 

CDA Consultants presented a chart showing American Airlines MD-80 and 737-800 average day operations from 2007-2018. The MD-80 is the loudest aircraft in O’Hare Fleet Mix. American Airlines’ last scheduled MD80 flight is scheduled for September 4. They also displayed the noise footprint for each aircraft. The radius of the MD80 is 12 miles larger than the 737-800. Their noise footprints are also geometrically different. The 800 has larger impact on arrivals than departures. Where the MD80 has larger impact on departures. The overall impact is lower which will provide relief. This is only for American Airlines- there are other carriers still operating MD80s at O’Hare. Chair Dunlap has discussed targeting airlines that are still operating the MD80s for additional outreach. There have also been discussions about what other aircraft types to look at, what is the next loudest aircraft that the ONCC can target and outreach to those airlines to encourage them to phase out those aircraft.

Fly Quiet Report - 2nd Quarter 2019 
CDA Consultants reviewed the Fly Quiet Report for the 2nd Quarter 2019. The average Fly Quiet start time was 11:12 pm; average stop time: 5:43 am. Average nightly operations – 96. Most used nighttime departure runway – 28R – 33%. Most used arrival runway – 10C – 34% (not primary arrival runway – see explanation below). It was noted that there were significant weather events that pushed operations into the later part of the day which impacted the Fly Quiet start time.
During this reporting period there were significant nighttime runway closures on the north airfield. 9R 27L is closed due to construction. The Runway Status Light Project was in process, as well as construction of 9C 27C just north of runway. Construction-related intermittent closures will continue throughout the summer, and into fall – possibly until November. 10C 28C will be used more heavily than normal while construction is taking place.

Airfield Changes 
CDA Staff provided an update on Airfield Changes. 28R hold pad is being de-commissioned. Will help traffic flow for planes coming out of terminal 5 and general congestion in that area.

  • Taxiway network is being reconfigured around central de-icing pad. replaces de-icing at the gates, which could time out by the time they got to the taxiway.
  • Taxiway Delta has been extended. Remnants of the old 14L 22R runway pavement still in place but not available for use. Below that is pavement of the new runway ((C 27C) coming online next November. The runway is extra wide a longer, designed for the largest aircraft.
  • Construction work continues, pavement will be finished to the west end, will be completed by next summer. It was noted that there was less air traffic to the northeast due to the closure of 4L 22R for pavement reconstruction.

The next Technical Committee meeting will be held September 17.