The ONCC Fly Quiet Committee met on October 18, 2018.

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 Follow-Up – Operational Questions

The committee reviewed requests from previous meetings. The FAA provided responses to two questions that had been posed by the commission regarding usage of Runway 10L/28R at night and whether there can be multiple vector headings off of the same runway. View questions Runway Length

Review of Estimated Runway Utilization at OMP Build-Out
The committee reviewed and discussed runway usage what possible options might be once new runways are commissioned. The issue of soundproofing was raised and the fact that changes to runway usage could impact the noise contour and sound insulation. View Materials

Review of Existing Preferential Headings
CDA consultants reviewed current departure procedures, vector headings. View Materials

Establish FQ21 Criteria
Reviewed 2016 Runway Rotation criteria. Criteria helped to develop the alternatives for the Fly Quiet Runway Rotation plan. Multiple plans were presented, committee debated, voted and the final version was approved by the full commission and submitted to the FAA. Multiple alternatives were discussed. Criteria could involve multiple alternatives. CDA is looking for the committee to determine which runways they want to use and in what possible configurations, and which of the following should be included with regard to preferential departure paths – vector headings, multiple vector headings and/or performance based navigation – and in what possible configurations. These factors will help CDA to develop options for the committee to consider for FQ21. View Materials

Next Meeting
The next Fly Quiet Committee meeting is scheduled for November 15, 2018.