Flight checks are planned on Runway 10R Monday night (September 24)/Tuesday morning (September 25) to test the localizer and glide slope equipment (weather and wind dependent).

September 25, 2018 - Technical Committee Meeting Packet Now Available - click here

The Fly Quiet Committee met on September 17, 2018

View Fly Quiet Committee Meeting Packet & Presentation

Previously Discussed Items

Follow-up on operational questions

Chicago Department of Aviation consultants reviewed several questions/requests that had been proposed by committee members at the previous meeting.

Q: Develop a runway rotation schedule that rotates north parallels, south parallels and diagonals
A: CDA Consultants and staff are working on this. Presentation to follow.

Q: How many runways can remain open during Fly Quiet?
A: CDA prefers at least 2 runways be open during Fly Quiet. CDA Consultants and staff are investigating which ones may be in use.

Q: Can the North and South Air Traffic Control Towers remain open at night to allow the use of Runways 9L-27R and 10R-28L during Fly Quiet?
A: CDA Consultants and staff has begun preliminary talks with FAA, assembled team, will ask questions, FAA will respond. Topics to be covered include: use of North and South runways, use of long runway, use of Vector headings and Performance Based Navigation.

Q: Request for a map featuring population density and land use
A: CDA Provided VIEW

Q: Provide the estimated number of operations that might need a 13,000' runway for departure during the nighttime hours.
A: CDA Consultants and staff are in process of categorizing

Q: Explore the feasibility of routing of departing aircraft over forest preserve lands or industrial areas and away from residential neighborhoods.
A: For discussion today – review case studies, map exhibits
A few of the questions on the list require further clarification and CDA Consultants and staff will respond at future meetings.

New Business

Runway rotation
CDA consultants reviewed Runway Rotation models. Bensenville presented a runway rotation option. 

There were concerns about converging runways and taxiway ground traffic.

CDA consultants presented an overview of the runways, length, usage and potential predictability. It was explained that many factors lead to runway usage – can vary depending on the airline, weather conditions, environment on the ground (construction, maintenance), aircraft, weight, destination, origin, want vs need.

It was suggested that the committee obtain feedback from pilot representative/s to determine what is feasible from their perspective.

Case studies
CDA consultants reviewed preferential runway usage, departure procedures, land use and population examples from other airports.

The next Fly Quiet Committee meeting is scheduled for October 18, 2018 at the Chicago Department of Aviation.

An ONCC General meeting was held on Friday September 7, 2018.

Introduction - Commissioner of Aviation, Jamie Rhee - ONCC Chairman and Mount Prospect Mayor Arlene Juracek welcomed and introduced newly appointed Chicago Department of Aviation Commissioner Jamie Rhee. Commissioner Rhee started her career with the city of Chicago in 1994 as an airport information officer. She has worked for the city for nearly 24 years in various roles and was formerly Chicago’s Chief Procurement Officer. Chairman Juracek stated that members appreciate the Commissioner's support of ONCC initiatives and look forward to her attendance at ONCC meetings whenever possible.

O’Hare Construction Update - Chicago Department of Aviation Deputy Commissioner Frank Grimaldi provided an update on Airfield Construction projects at O’Hare and progress on the O’Hare Modernization Plan. View Presentation

Report of Chicago Department of Aviation

  • ANMS Reports - Department of Aviation consultants reviewed the ANMS reports for May – June 2018. View Reports

  • Residential Sound Insulation Program (RSIP) Update -
    • Odorous Windows - CDA staff provided an update on the odorous windows issue. CDA has been working with an industrial hygiene firm as well as an architectural testing expert to determine the source of the matter. Two key findings have been identified through extensive testing by industrial hygiene expert Amec Foster Wheeler (now known as Wood) and architectural testing expert Intertek-ATI (Intertek). First, the primary source of the window odors are the PVC-coated screens found in many window installations; and second, testing has affirmed that there is no evidence of health risks in connection to RSIP window products or the odors emitted. With expert findings determining the cause of the matter, the CDA will develop a mitigation solution for homes affected by odorous windows.

Report of the Chair

  • Control Tower Meeting - Chairman Juracek announced a meeting planned with the control tower for September 17. The meetings are scheduled quarterly to gauge how the Fly Quiet program is proceeding.

  • 2018 AAAE/ACI-NA Airport Noise Conference - Chairman Juracek and Fly Quiet Committee Chair Karyn Robles will attend the joint Airports Council International-North America and American Association of Airport /executives Airport Noise Conference on October 14th through the 16th in Indianapolis, Indiana. View Conference web site

  • Budget Committee - The next Budget Committee meeting is scheduled for September 20, 2018.

  • Strategic Planning Meeting Update - Chairman Juracek provided a summary of items discussed at the Strategic Planning Meeting

Report of ONCC Standing Committees

  • Tech Meeting Update – Technical Committee Chair Catherine Dunlap gave an update on the Technical Committee meeting of August 14, 2018. The next meeting is scheduled for September 25, 2018.

  • Fly Quiet Committee Update – Fly Quiet Committee Chair Joe Annunzio reported on the Fly Quiet Meeting of August 23, 2018. The next Fly Quiet Committee meeting is scheduled for September 17, 2018 at 9:30am at the Village of Bensenville, 12 S. Center Street, Bensenville (please note location change).

The Next ONCC Meeting is scheduled for October 5, 2018.

The Fly Quiet Committee met on August 23, 2018.

Chairman Joe Annunzio announced that ONCC members would be given an opportunity at the beginning of each Fly Quiet Committee meeting to provide remarks/feedback to the Committee.

CDA consultants gave an overview of the existing Fly Quiet program at O’Hare and the committee discussed options that they would like to explore for Fly Quiet 21. View Presentation

The ONCC Executive Committee held their annual Strategic Planning session in August. 

2017-2018 ONCC Overview Highlights - Mayor Juracek reviewed the accomplishments of ONCC and significant events that took place over the past year.

The ONCC Technical Committee met on August 14, 2018. The following topics were discussed:

Interim Fly Quiet Status Update

A spokesperson for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) provided an update on the status of the Interim Fly Quiet proposal. Modeling is being conducted with and without rotation. The draft report is expected to be published before the end of the year, and the FAA is currently looking at dates and locations for public workshops. More information on the workshops is expected to be available at the September meeting.