The Technical Committee met on June 13.

CDA staff presented the following:

  • Update on Portable and Permanent Noise Monitors
    Installation process continues on new permanent noise monitors. CDA waiting for permitting process to be complete for all sites so concrete work can all be completed in the same week. Complete installation expected to be completed within the next 22 months.
  • 1st Quarter Fly Quiet Report

  • Complaint System Update
    CDA staff reported that the City of Chicago is pursuing a new 311 system. With updates in both resident needs and technology, the system is due for an upgrade. Staff will continue to keep the committee informed as the process moves forward.

  • Airfield Changes
    Starting June 22, 2017, several taxiways will be closed or removed, several to be renamed. It was also noted that the Ground Run-Up Enclosure (GRE) was expected to be moved to a different location TBD.

CDA Consultant gave a presentation on Aircraft Departures. They discussed the steps in departure procedures, reviewed responsibilities, and looked at actual and model departure track maps with examples in both east flow and west flow.

Committee members were invited to attend a Noise/Airport 101 Session on June 16.

The next Technical Committee meeting is August 15, 2017.

Technical Committee Meeting June 13, 2017 - Meeting Documents

Permanent Noise Monitor Tracking Sheet

Long Term Portable Report

Fly Quiet Report - 1st Quarter 2016

Aircraft Departures Presentation