• Members approved membership for the Village of Wayne, Illinois. The Village of Wayne is located in the counties of Kane and DuPage, Illinois and has a population of 2,431 residents (U.S.Census - 2010).

  • Members received a presentation of the October and November 2016 ANMS Reports.
  • Received information regarding the Cook County Assessor’s recent Assessment Reduction Notices that were sent to taxpayers in Norwood Park Township, as well as parts of Maine, Leyden and Jefferson Townships due to the impact of airport noise on home values.

  • Ad Hoc Fly Quiet Committee Chair, Joseph Annunzio reported that the Fly Quiet Test Rotation ended on December 25. CDA staff is compiling data from the test and will present it at the Committee’s next meeting on Feb. 8. At that meeting, the committee will discuss ways the test can be refined and improved. The request for a second test will be discussed a later Ad-hoc Fly Quiet Committee Meeting (to be scheduled later in February). It is anticipated that a recommendation for a second test could come to the General Membership at the March meeting.

  • The membership approved Ad-Hoc By-Laws Committee changes to the current by-laws and in addition to minor grammatical changes included edits regarding the annual meeting and rules of decorum.

The next General Meeting of the ONCC is scheduled for March 10, 2017.