The ONCC Technical Committee met on Tuesday, March 19, 2019, at Mount Prospect Village Hall.

Committee Chair Catherine Dunlap thanked the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the informative and thorough Interim Fly Quiet Community Workshop that the agency held at four different locations around O’Hare International Airport during the first week in February .

Interim Fly Quiet Update
FAA Environmental Specialist Amy Hanson thanked the ONCC for participating in the Interim Fly Quiet Workshop and for being readily available to answer questions from the public. She said the FAA is in the process of categorizing comments and did not have an exact date when the final report would be available.

Noise Monitors Report
The CDA representative reported that the noise department was caught up with residential deployments. There were no municipal deployments. The long-term monitor report for Ward 39 showed an average noise level of 60.0 for December 2018 and 57.8 for January 2019.

Chicago 311 Modernization System Update
CDA staff presented a report that addressed the updates to the 311 Modernization System. The report compared the differences between the initial rollout and the updated system, how the problems were resolved, the process for city and suburban complaints and what the CDA hoped to accomplish with the system in the future.

Committee Chair Dunlap said the committee would monitor the system and how the CDA was updating the system going forward.

Suggested Revisions to the ANMS Report
Mr. Ryan Anderson of Landrum & Brown presented a draft revision of the ANMS noise complaint page. CDA hopes to have the revision ready for the May ONCC meeting. He said the current noise complaint page was not useful for trending community noise issues. The new page would:

  • split the data into three easy-to-read columns
  • list verifiable addresses only—total number of complaints would still be listed in report
  • complaints would be all hours only—nighttime complaints would be included in Fly Quiet Reports
  • three previous reports would be listed for trending data

A map on the back of the page would list households only showing the location of the complaints. The page would still include the nature of the complaint.

2018 Fourth Quarter Fly Quiet Report
The average start time for 4Q2018 was 11:03 p.m.; average stop time was 5:58 a.m. The average nightly time in Fly Quiet Mode was six hours and 45 minutes. The average nightly operations in Fly Quiet Mode was 89. The most used nighttime departure runway was 28R at 50 percent; the most used nighttime arrival runway was 27L at 33 percent. The nighttime operations were 11 percent of the overall daily operations. The noise complaints of 13,223 were only measured up to December 18, 2018. View Report

The next Technical Committee meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 at the Mount Prospect Village Hall.

Gillfillan 1 web3O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission (ONCC) Chair and Mount Prospect Mayor Arlene A. Juracek was named as the recipient of the Walt Gillfillan Award on March 4, 2019 at the UC Davis Aviation Noise & Emissions Symposium held in Jacksonville, Florida. The award is presented annually to an individual or organization whose exemplary achievements and contributions to noise abatement in aviation deserve special recognition.

“I am truly honored to receive this award, which would not have been possible without the commitment and regional stewardship of the full ONCC membership and the Chicago Department of Aviation,” said Juracek. “I also commend the FAA for its longstanding dedication in the Chicago region to community involvement.”

The ONCC General Meeting Packet for March 1, 2019 is now available on Board Docs.

The Fly Quiet Committee met on February 19, 2019.

CDA Consultants provided an update on the operational questions. A response had been received from the FAA on the question of the possibility of operating the North and South runway operations at night. The FAA responded that they could not comment until a proposal is submitted for review. They did note that opening either tower would require additional FAA tower staff.

At the March 22 meeting, CDA expects to have additional feedback from the FAA as well as new material and alternatives for the committee to review.

Committee Member and member of SOC, Wood Dale Mayor Pulice, introduced Dr. Antonio Trani on behalf of SOC. Dr. Trani gave a presentation on Runway Headings. 

Dr. Trani is a Professor and the Co-Director of the National Center of Excellence for Aviation Operations Research (NEXTOR) at Virginia Tech. He conducts research involving airport engineering and planning, aviation simulation and computer modeling, aircraft performance modeling, systems engineering transportation system analysis and operations research applications to transportation systems.

The Fly Quiet Committee Meeting Agenda for February 19, 2019 is now available - click here.