The Technical Committee met on March 14, 2017. At the meeting the committee:

  • Heard a presentation on "Severe Weather Impact on Air Traffic in the Chicago Area" FAA Lake Effect District Traffic Management Officers, Todd Ronne and Ian Gebhardt.

  • Received Long-term Portable Noise Monitor Report

  • Reviewed Updated Fact Sheets

  • 4th 2016 Quarter Fly Quiet Report

  • Discussed the Complaint System and possible improvements

  • Received an update on the status of Permanent Noise Monitors


Update: Post-Meeting Follow-Up

Below and attached is the follow up information requested by the ONCC Technical Committee from the FAA presentation on Tuesday (3/14/17).

1. ORD runway configuration for the two days for which replays were provided. Both days ORD was on West Flow.

a. 7/17/2016

· Arrival Runways: 27R/27L/28C
· Departure Runways: 22L/28R

b. 7/6/2016

· Arrival Runways: 27R/27L/28C
· Departure Runways: 22L/28R

2. ORD surface replays for the snow event from 3/14/2017.

a. 9:00 (3/13/17) to 6:00 AM (3/14/17) with departures, arrivals and surface vehicles depicted.

Video 1

Video 2