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9,924 Homes Sound Insulated
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   123 Schools Sound Insulated

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O'Hare East/West Flow
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ONCC Sets January 2015 Deadline
For FAA Report on Interim Aircraft Noise

The 53-member O’Hare Noise Compatibility Commission set a January 2015 deadline for the FAA to re-evaluate the impact of interim aircraft noise generated by O’Hare International Airport’s modernization program. read more

Tech Committee Oversees Monitor Sites
The ONCC Technical Committee and the CDA identify
eight locations for new noise monitors in Chicago,
suburbs. read ONCC newsletter

Converging Runway Operations Limit Aircraft on O’Hare Runways 32L, 4L

Barry Cooper
FAA Regional Administrator

Air traffic controllers have
modified arrival and departure procedures on Runway 32L
and Runway 4L at O’Hare International Airport in response to safety directives from the National Trans-portation Safety Board
(NTSB) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Since April 15, 2014, O’Hare
is limiting daytime departures
from Runway 32L during West
Flow operations and from Runway 4L during East Flow operations. read more

Converging Runways (click to view full size)

O'Hare Runway Layout

Runway 10R-28L to Open 10/15/15
Maps and diagrams illustrate ongoing and future projects in Phases 2A and 2B of the O’Hare Modernization Program, including the commissioning of Runway 10R-28L and the South Air Traffic Control Tower in October 2015. View construction projects.

ONCC Welcomes 3 New Members
Ward 40 in Chicago, and suburban Bloomingdale and Downers Grove join ONCC in response to resident concerns about increased aircraft noise from O'Hare.

Chicago Ward 40 Joins ONCC
Bloomingdale, Downers Grove Join ONCC

Nighttime Construction Affects O'Hare
Nightly and intermittent closures during construction on runways and adjacent areas may temporarily affect preferential runways identified in the voluntary Fly Quiet Program. read more

Construction Momentum Picks Up
on Taxiways, 10R/28L, South Tower
CDA Assistant Commissioner Frank Grimaldi cites construction deadlines for two taxiways and the South Tower to service new Runway10R/28L beginning
Oct. 15, 2015. read more

Newest O'Hare Runways
Runway 9L/27R, North ATC Tower commissioned
in 2009. read more
Runway 10C/28C commissioned in 2013. read more

Community Aerial Maps
See the CDA provided aerial maps that illustrate O'Hare runways related to individual communities.
CDA aerial runway maps and individual communities

Airport Noise Management System
Reports Provide Vital Monthly Data

The Airport Noise Management System (ANMS) collects, analyzes and processes data from several sources including
32 noise monitors around
O’Hare, FAA radar data, weather data and noise complaints.
The City of Chicago and ONCC use this monthly data report to facilitate development and management of noise abate-
ment programs at O’Hare.

Data from Permanent Noise Monitors and/or
Long-term Portable Monitors does not determine eligibility for residential or school sound insulation.

September 2014 ANMS Report
Most used departure runway: 28R – 54%; most used arrival runway: 27L – 38%; residents from 10 addresses reported 32,532 complaints for all hours read more

Fly Quiet Nighttime Program Reports

The Fly Quiet Program is voluntary at O’Hare International Airport. It encourages use of designated nighttime preferential runways and flight tracks developed by the Chicago Department of Aviation in cooperation with ONCC, the airlines, pilots and air traffic controllers.

Preferred routes direct aircraft over less-populated areas such as forest preserves, highways, and commercial and industrial areas during the hours of 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.
3rd Quarter 2014 Fly Quiet Report: read more

O’Hare Final Approach Procedures
The Chicago Department of Aviation describes O'Hare aircraft arrival procedures.
CDA Arrivals Presentation Part 1
CDA Arrivals Presentation Part 2

Last School Receives $6 Million
for Sound Insulation Construction

Chicago’s Ebinger Elementary School has received
$6 million in grants to install sound insulation to mitigate
O’Hare aircraft noise. It is the last of 124 schools qualified for funding from the FAA and city of Chicago.

Ebinger Receives Grant Funding for Construction
Ebinger School Begins Sound Insulation Design

See Dramatic Reduction in
O'Hare Aircraft Noise Contour

The visual representation of aircraft noise near O’Hare Airport is presented here, beginning in 1979 and projected through the O’Hare Modernization Program Full Build-Out, based on Federal Aviation Administration projections... read more

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